Blown glass

58 x 30 cm



Bernard Heesen’s work represents the antithesis of those reduced forms of constructivism, working on fiery viscous materials with the power of titan. Driven by unbridled curiosity and a desire to experiment, he created expressionist glass objects. At first glance they appear to merely satisfy a desire for baroque heaviness, when in fact his work draws inspiration from 19th-century encyclopedias and, contrary to the systematic order of his historical models, has a playful quality to it. absurd and surreal expressions.

Bernard HEESEN
Born in 1958
Architecture, Delft University of Technology
Glass blowing with his father Willem HEESEN in De Oude Horn

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)
2018, Bernard HEESEN and the folly of the 19th century, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, the Netherlands
2017, Bernard HEESEN, Museum JAN, Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Group Exhibitions (Selected)
2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands
2016, Look! Glass, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Den Haag, the Netherlands