DU Rongkun 杜荣坤


Mixed media on canvas

40 x 30 cm




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Du was born in Quanzhou, Fujian in 1983 and now works in Fuzhou. Graduated from Fujian Normal University Fine Arts College in 2007 with a bachelor of arts degree.

Du’s works have a strong sense of industry. We can intuitively feel the plight and hope of modern life from his works. In addition to the factory-like frame lines and black-and-white gray tones, he also used industrial materials to make composite modelling, such as cement. His mastery of these materials, as if born of intimacy and familiarity, is probably related to his childhood cement life with the cement factory his father owned.

He is skilled in creating a three-dimensional sense of space on a two-dimensional picture. In his paintings, he breaks down the sense of storytelling, creates the plot conflict and imagination space. The swirl of black in his paints represents dynamic existence, symbolizing the timeliness of the four dimensions and the infinite extension of the story. The Dutch resident leaves him plenty of opportunities for communication and learning such as the interview with JVL studio. After that, he was greatly inspired by the large and impressive installations and no longer limited by the image and character modeling. And then, he began to paint with complete relaxation and freedom which creates more tension in his resident works.

He won in 2015 the sixth new star art Award, 2014 Nanjing international art exhibition and bronze award, 2014 John Mohr painting award. He participated in the Oooit international artist residency program in 2018.