Vacant realm


Crystal glass, diversiform fusing and casting

115 x 11 x 17 cm



This work is based on a theme “Empty boat”. Often, we see others or outside as “Empty boat”. It is written in Zhuangzi Shanmu that if an empty boat collided, we would not attribute the responsibility to that empty boat, nor would we be angry. And if there is someone on the boat, we will attribute the incident to the other party’s responsibility. Without knowing the specific reasons, we will first attribute the responsibility to the other party, so as to burn the anger at the other party, and at the same time allow ourselves to indulge in pain. A subjective, cognition of “empty boat” allows us to relief from worldly anger and pain.

Born in 1970
Master of Arts (Art & Design), Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University
Bachelor of Arts (Art Education), East China Normal University
Solo Exhibitions (Selected)
2017, Fusion to Integration, Shanghai, China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)
2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, NL
2019, International Biennale of Glass, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018, International Triennial Glass Exhibition Toyama 2018, Glass Art Museum, Japan

Awards and Grants (Selected)
2017, The Original Sculpture Award of China Sculpture Magazine
2019, The Gold Prize of the “One Belt and One Road” Art Exhibition in China