Race course

ZHANG Zhaoying


Oil on canvas

30 x 30 cm



Zhang Zhaoying, born in 1988 in Guangzhou, graduated in oil painting department, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2013. Living and working in Chongqing now.

Zhang Zhaoying was sent by his parents to study comedy in his childhood. He grew up in theater, and under the influence of it, his artworks are full of sense of drama play. He looks more like a theater director than a painter. In the process of creation, it seems that he directs a play inside of his paintings and installations to make audience come into his scene and automatically become a character in his play. He kept an eye on images bound with the city — materials, plants, prints, costumes with which he created bizarre scenes to amplify the beauty and ugliness, virtue and vice in the reality. His unique paintings and installations work as tools to puzzle audience at first, then attracts them to blend in and become a part of his play. It’s his unique method to tell stories. In the views of the artist, theater is much more abundant than oil painting or photographs. Once can understand the process of narrating with this context. The more complex the scenes are, the clearer the artists regard. This complexity adds possibility to create fine are.

He won Luo Zhong Li Art Award, Poly Recommend Award, Artron Poly New Power The Award, Winner of the 3rd Porsche ‘Empowering the Future’ , first Prize of the 18th Oil Painting Department`s Annual Exhibition of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, and the award of ‘New Star’. He participated in the Oooit International residency project in the Netherlands in 2016.