Dragon ZHENG


Acrylic on paper, mixed media

110 x 80 cm


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Dragon Zheng, is born in Guangzhou in 1988, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2012, and currently living and working in Guangzhou.  He works with different media such as painting on paper, photography, handmade book, video etc.

His works are always attached with a very strong sense of time. He is good at painting on paper and creating manual books, so he likes to collect paper, all kinds of paper. He would carry them, experience with him, help him write stories. At last, the papers become a part of his life. He created on the same sheet in different periods, with the memory of the time and the smell in the air. These works, which were daubed layer by layer and completed over a long period of time, seemed like a fragmented memory of a person, and each stroke was a story. The story turns into a visual poem, and the memory is covered by layers, turning into a yellowish picture like an old photograph.

His major awards include New Star Award 2014, Chinese New Painting Award in 2014. Also, he was nominated in both Chinese New Talent Photography Award and Three Shadows Photography Award in 2015. He participated in the Oooit international residency project in the Netherlands in 2018.