Postcard No.1: To the far-away me

JIANG Xiaran


Oil on canvas, post card, painted frame

130 x 90 cm




Jiang Xiaran, born in 1990 in Fuzhou, got undergraduate degree in art department, Xinan University and postgraduate degree in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute . Living and working in Beijing and Chongqing.

His art project ‘The Secrets from the Strangers’ was reported by many newspapers in the Netherlands. In this project, the artist randomly selects hundreds of addresses in Europe though Google map then sends off these letters with old postcards, or places them in residential areas. Strangers are encouraged to share their stories in an anonymous way. The artist tries to detain the lives and events that over the power of time and make them be discovered and kept, again. The postcards that the artist collected and used have decades and even hundreds of years history. One side is the surface visual impression of the local city. And the other is the image of the unknown human nature. In related to those postcard project in the Netherlands, in the series painting Ye Hui Shu, Jiang Xiaran explores the history of postcard through 8 scenery of Amsterdam. The postcards with images of history node are stuck on the paintings as stamps, which makes the paintings become enlarged postcards of the Netherlands. From the surface, visual impression to the inner secrets of the Netherlands, then to the history of the Netherlands by culture research, Jiang uses art to understand the country and goes deep into it.

He won the eighth ‘New Star’ Arts Award. He participated in the Oooit international residency project in the Netherlands in 2017.