Infinite No. 3

ZHAI Xuanhong


Oil on canvas

60 x 60 cm



Zhai Xuanhong, born in Changde, Hunan in 1987 and graduated from the oil painting department of Sichuan Fine Art Academy. Living and working in Shanghai now.

Zhai Xuanhong’s works indicate a strong metaphor of modern city. These metaphors stand for crowd, enrichment, the brutal growth and the sustaining spirits as well as a state with thirst and idealism. His works piles various colors together, with some color absence occasionally. He changes the painting center by using different colors. He uses a rather industrialized way to pile the colors which are similar to neon lights on the canvas. Then he colors on the piles of pigments which are tiresome to people in a creative way, making the painting produce a three-dimensional sense. The whole painting seems a person tries to find a sense of presence in the metropolis.

In the early days of his career, in order to make a living, he drew paintings for companies on the neon light boxes. He made the boxes first, the he painted on them. During his residency in Netherlands, he tried to paint on the half-transparent light emitting chips, which made the room presented two scenes when the light were on and off. These creations were made with the help of the black and white tone. From the artist’s view, it is an implicit way to express thirst, and it conveys the traditional Chinese spirit with a more rational temperament.

Zhai Xuanhong’s graduation work won the scholarship of the excellent graduate in Sichuan Fine Art Academy. He won the nomination exhibition of art college student, and The Fourth ‘New Star’ Arts Award. He participated in the Oooit international residency project in the Netherlands in 2016.