Buddhist grotto statues and space II


Glass casting

29 x 6 x 95 cm



“Buddha has no form, and form is born from the heart”, the grotto statues have gone through the process from invisible to visible. Originally, it was built to satisfy Buddhists’ practice of visualization, which can be regarded as the materialization of Buddhist spiritual teachings. However, in the passage of time, these grotto statues will eventually disappear and return to dust. Spiritual things evolve, and material things die out. Xiaoshu occasionally find some broken Buddhist statues in these waste piles. They look brilliant in the sunlight. This reminds me of the “imperfect” state of Buddhist grotto statues on the Silk Road. Xiaoshu picked up these incomplete bodies from the glass waste pile and added new glass materials to give them new forms and structures.


Born in 1978

Master’s degree, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University

Bachelor’s degree, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

2012, The Heart Follow Imagery – Xiaoshu LUO Glass art exhibition, Shanghai Museum of glass, Shanghai China

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, NL

2019, National Tour of Contemporary Boshan Glass Art Works, Prince Gong House Beijing, Shandong Provincial Museum, Jinan, China

2017, Container Of Light – the second Hangzhou contemporary international glass art exhibition, Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China