Bézier Vase (Eclipse)

3 in a set: Clear (no limited editions), Black (5 editions), Black Fogged (5 editions)


Blowing glass, Algorithm

17 x 17 x 25 cm



In hydrodynamics, water with a free surface is called “dispersion medium”. Jia used this function to simulate the shape of water waves in the computer. Real waves can be described as a superposition of many sinusoidal waves with different wavelengths, amplitudes, initial phases and propagation directions. Each of these components travels with its own phase velocity, in accordance with the dispersion relation. The statistics of such a surface can be described by its power spectrum. As it was free-form surface, it is easy to shape it into an ideal three-dimensional vase-like, which is completed by topological deformation. In the final stage of the design, the designer used a genetic algorithm (AI) to adjust the undulations of the vase in order to make the vase look more natural.


Born in 1988
Double Master’s degree in Design and Philosophy, UNSW Art & Design

Group Exhibitions (Selected)
2022, Reborn, Werkspoor International Art Center, Utrecht, Netherlands
2022, Listen to the light in the world of glass, Baoku Jiangxin Art Center, Shanghai, China
2019, The 5th Art and Science International Exhibition, Tsinghua University, National Museum of China, Beijing, China.
2019, Fine Crafts & Creation Exhibition of China, Hors les Murs de Revlation 2019, Paris.

Awards and Grants (Selected)
2020, MAISON & OBJET Design Award China
2020, ECI Award Fashion Design Education Innovation, IECIA (International Entrepreneurs, Creatives & Innovators Association ) USA.