Oil on canvas

90 x 65 cm



Li Rui, born in 1983 in Yuanyang, Yunnan Province, graduated from art department Yunnan University in 2008. Living and working in Kunming, Yunnan Province now.

Li Rui comes from Hani nationality, his Hani name is Yun Gu Ran which means to cloudy valley in Chinese. The famous Yunyang terraced fields lie in his hometown. He is good at using brushes and pigment to make poetry, elegantly beautiful mountain scenery to reflect the nature of dreams and the inner freedom of soul. He naturally feels close to the nature so that his painting is always filled with the fresh plants and fresh air. He uses acrylic mixed with paints on the canvas to express the primitive natural state of the nature. In his painting, one can feel the esthetical heavenly sound. During his residency in the Netherlands, Li Rui showed his interests in the nature in this beautiful lowland. He explored rivers, lakes, forest, grassland around the resident studio, collected plants, observed life and even tasted those plants growing on the other sphere of earth in that case he was called ‘The artist who tasting hundreds of herbs’ by his Dutch friends. Although his artworks are composed with flowers, birds, lakes and horse in Netherlands, we can tell the moisture of mountains and deep melancholy to his hometown Yunnan.

Li Rui participated in the Oooit Art international residency project in 2016 in the Netherlands.