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A History of Art in 20th-Century China

This is a spectacular chronological history of art in 20th-century China. From Western Influence after the Opium War to the art of the new century, this is an unrivalled work. Lu Peng addresses the fine arts revolution, the intellectual background & emergence of Chinese-style painting, schools & societies, realism, controversies, Modernist art, intellectual trends, left-wing fine art, art & ideology of Yan’an to art in KMT-ruled areas. He then moves to the 1945-58 period of social recovery & construction, the influence of Soviet Realism, the transformation of Gouhua & painters in the traditional Chinese style to class struggle and the art of the Cultural Revolution period. Lu follows the continuing advance of modernism through 1979, Scar Art & The Life-Stream, the ’85 ideological trend and the phenomenon of art groups, important groups & artists, the origins of the Grand Soul & the birth of the Free Artist, New Art, the beginnings of the market & shift to international standards, new literati painting, art within pluralist structures to the modern day.
(source: Nielsen Book Data)